Autodesk InfraWorks

What is Autodesk InfraWorks?

Autodesk InfraWorks is a planning and design platform that enables engineers to express preliminary design intent quickly and easily in a real-world, contextual environment, increasing stakeholder buy-in and team decision-making. Using web-based technology and vertically specialised functionality, it leverages automated, rich 3D model building capabilities to provide infrastructure engineers with a fascinating conceptual design tool in the industry. Autodesk InfraWorks produces visually high-level models without separate visualisation software. It can be used to model single city blocks, entire cities, or hundreds of kilometres long corridor models.

How does Autodesk InfraWorks work and what are the criteria?

Autodesk InfraWorks civil infrastructure conceptual design software enables AEC professionals to model, analyse, and visualise their design concepts within a real-world context of the built and natural environment, improving decision making and project outcomes. The key features of Autodesk InfraWorks are as follows:

  • Aggregate large amounts of data to generate a rich context model
  • Seamlessly integrate design with geospatial GIS data
  • Model existing conditions that represent the built and natural environment
  • Visually explore conceptual design options in-context
  • Use analysis and simulation tools to explore essential aspects of your project
  • Generate exciting and immersive visual experiences to communicate design intent

What are the benefits of using Autodesk InfraWorks?

Benefits of Autodesk InfraWorks include:

  • Enable stakeholders to envision the full potential of a project confidently
  • Create a competitive distinction to win more work
  • Empower teams to decide where and when needed
  • Save time and money through automated integration of data from multiple sources
  • Quickly and easily convey preliminary design intent in a real-world contextual environment
  • Effortlessly communicate and collaborate with internal and external stakeholders across the project lifecycle
  • Efficiently access and integrate data from multiple sources into a highly accurate model


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