Autodesk Insight

What is Autodesk Insight?

Autodesk Insight is an effective and integrated software tool to improve energy and environmental performance throughout the building lifecycle. With clear guidance and recommendations powered by advanced simulation engines, it helps users gain an understanding of which design elements can contribute to better results.

There are few uses of Autodesk Insight

This powerful package allows BIM professionals to integrate energy, lighting, and solar analysis into their workflow to deliver a comprehensive approach to building performance and utilise sophisticated simulation engines that enable them to make smart, data-driven design choices. Autodesk Insight empowers architects and engineers to design more energy-efficient buildings with advanced simulation engines and building performance analysis data integrated into Revit. It also helps to achieve sustainability goals and reporting requirements for green building initiatives.

How beneficial is Autodesk Insight?

Benefits of Autodesk Insight include:

  • Better building performance 
    • Discover an intuitive, outcome-driven insight into energy and environmental optimisation, from design to operation.
  • Real-time feedback 
    • Visualise and interact with key performance indicators, factors, and ranges to help make better design decisions.
  • BIM workflow integration 
    • Enlist the power of FormIt Pro and Revit to automatically create energy models, from early concept to detailed design.
  • Whole building energy 
    • Capture entire building and system interactions with full dynamic thermal energy simulation using DOE 2.2. and EnergyPlus.
  • Daylighting analysis 
    • Simulate, calculate, and visualise critical daylighting metrics, like daylight autonomy and annual sunlight exposure.
  • Heating and cooling load 
    • Analyse the total building heating and cooling load calculations with the EnergyPlus heat balance method.


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