Bentley PLAXIS

What is Bentley PLAXIS?

Bentley PLAXIS is a geotechnical finite element analysis software that allows users to design and perform advanced finite element analysis of soil and rock deformation and stability, as well as soil-structure interaction and groundwater and heat flow. Users are equipped to handle advanced constitutive models for the simulation of the nonlinear and time-dependent behaviour of soils. Users can also apply hydrostatic and non-hydrostatic pore pressures, model structures and the interaction between the structures and the soil, and take on projects of all types such as excavations, foundations, embankments, tunnels, mines, dredging, and more.

Few criteria of Bentley PLAXIS

The key features of Bentley PLAXIS are as follows:

  • Analyse results with post-processing
  • Assess stresses and displacements
  • Automatic Swept Meshing
  • Dynamic with consolidation calculation type
  • Field stress per cluster
  • Girder definition in tunnel designer
  • Line pass / Cross-section curves
  • Loft polycurves and blend surfaces
  • NURBS curves
  • Scripting reference manual as a Jupyter notebook

What are the benefits of using Bentley PLAXIS?

Benefits of Bentley PLAXIS include:

  • Enhance analysis of soil-structure interaction
    • Confidently build structural projects with enhanced interoperability between Bentley applications
  • Improve the modelling of arbitrary shapes
    • Combine NURBS curves and polycurves to draw almost any geometry
  • Integrate subsurface data
    • Import data from other Bentley applications, such as OpenGround, gINT, and Keynetix
  • Advance slope stability analysis
    • Take advantage of digital workflows that provide unmatched capabilities in slope stability analysis
  • Accelerate tunnel design
    • Use PLAXIS 3D Tunnel Designer’s slicing and sequencing to model transverse ribs as curved beam elements


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